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Wake up amazed by​ instant transformation

Semi-Permanent Eye Lash Extensions:  
A practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes applied individually, with a natural look and feel. Weightless, painless and water-resistant.

Our Products

Xtreme Lashes - Single strands of synthetic lashes made to mimic your natural lash. Long lasting with natural looking results.

Mink - These lashes are a more feathery natural looking lash that is softer on the eye.

iLash - Individual synthetic lashes, slightly more rigid than mink and gives a bolder look.

Lash after care

  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours including sweating and any steam

  • Do not use oil based products, creams or waterproof mascara

  • Use lint free applicator to remove any makeup around the eye

  • Do not perm, tint or use any sort of eye lash curler

  • DO NOT pull on lash extensions or rub eyes

  • To avoid lash damage, please see a lash technician to have lashes properly removed

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