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Hair Replacement Specialist

Introducing Alicyn Mitchell, our hair replacement specialist.


18 of Alicyn’s 22 years in the industry have been spent taking care of women and men suffering from all types of hair loss. From Chemo to Alopecia to average male and female pattern hair loss, there is a solution for all.

Call for a free consultation to find the solution for you.


Hair Salon

Frequently Asked

Why am I experiencing hair loss?
Women and men experience hair loss for a myriad of different reasons. The why will ultimately decide the solution. Be it some type of integration or a temporary or permanent use of a wig. But no matter the reason, I will work to find the best and most comfortable solution for any client dealing with hair loss.

What is a hair integration?
There are many types of hair loss solutions. I like to have a free consultation with each individual and come up with a solution that is as unique as each person. For that reason I categorize all of them as integrations because I will be essentially integrating any addition with your own hair.

How often is the maintenance?

In most cases a hair addition must be maintained about every 4 weeks for adjustments due to natural hair growth.

Will it look natural?

With over 20 years of experience, 18 of those being a hair Replacement specialist, I am able to offer a unique and highly educated solution customized to each individual dealing with hair loss. These customizations include precision color work that you would find on any man or woman leaving the salon, and also finding a way to integrate your existing hair, with the hair addition hand made to your specifications.

What if I want to change my mind?

One of the things I will not compromise is handling your hair loss solution with products that allow you to change your mind at anytime. We work with only the best quality of surgical grade bonding adhesive, and solvents that allow each client to remove the addition any time, with their own hair un-cut or shaved, and completely in tact as it were.

Will a hair addition cause me to lose more of my hair?

It is a common misconception that a hair integration will force hair loss. With the top products that we use, and by not cutting or shaving off the additions for maintenance the only hair loss you will continue to experience would be due to whatever conditions started it in the first place.

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